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Metal Gear Solid 5’s November update is live and full of fancy guns

Metal Gear Solid 5 November update

Have you overcome every obstacle Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has thrown your way? Have you explored every nook and crannie of Afghanistan and defended your FOB from countless invasions? Good news, then! Because Konami is giving you new weapons and FOB features in today’s November update.

First off, new grade 8 weapons. This new grade is the current highest development grade, which means these new weapons are some of the swankiest in the game, including a fancy tranquilizer handgun that, thanks to its underbarrel design, can be attached to other ranged weapons.

Grade 8 weapons are a bit special, because their development continues even while you’re away from the game.

These should make invading and defending FOBs a bit easier, but there’s more, like new security devices for you base, an upgrade for your medical team, more ways to hide when you’re infiltrating enemy bases and, finally, the option to build a third FOB, allowing you to expand you maximum staff capacity significantly.

Planning any invasions?