A Metal Gear Solid 5 ‘Definitive Edition’ has appeared on various retail websites


The rather-good Metal Gear Solid V, despite not having a lot of DLC to collect, looks to be getting a all-in-one edition of some sort. Appearing on both Japanese Amazon and German retailer NetGames, release is apparently scheduled for October 30.

How will it contest with the all the games coming out in 2016?

The Japanese Amazong listing has now been taken down, but you can still see it on NetGames here. What exactly it will put together isn’t clear, though MGS5 and its prequel Ground Zeroes seem a must.

On the DLC front, a quick look on Steam shows they never made anything particularly attractive. There’s various costume packs, building on an already huge set of cosmetics, and addons for Metal Gear Online, but nothing that would be worth shelling out extra for.

There’s the possibility of graphical upgrades of course, or even additional content in the form of what was cut out of MGS5, but that would be quite the job to have finished so quickly. It also already came out on the PS4 and Xbox One, so there’s no remastering work to be done for that.

We’ll probably see an official announcement, assuming it’s real, at Gamescom.

Thanks, EG.