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This Metal Gear Solid 5 video shows you how to remain unseen while driving a jeep at full speed


Everyone has their own way of playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. That’s one of its best qualities: its versatility. I always take a sniper rifle – just in case – but I like to get right in there and weave between patrols, crawling along the ground like my namesake. It’s the fear of being caught – I’m like a weaponised flasher.

I knew that we would see people doing some incredible stuff in the game. So far, I’ve already seen perfect airport assassinations with a single sniper round to the skull, and I’ve personally managed to S Rank the Skulls truck mission (you know the one if you’ve played it) by going in guns-blazing in a gold-plated tank, while listening to Spandau Ballet through the iDroid’s speakers.

This silenced rocket launcher exploit video was quite enjoyable, and this next thing looks like it could equally break the enjoyment of the game, but it’s still cool that someone even thought of it.

It’s jeep stealth. Using a combination of smoke grenades and a jeep, this YouTuber completes Mission 5 by driving into a base, putting the prisoner in the jeep and driving back out again. He isn’t spotted once. Have a look:

I don’t know what’s more impressive: that the YouTuber came up with the method, or that they pulled it off when playing with mouse and keyboard.

What do you think of the crazy stuff we’re seeing coming out of the game? Have you seen any others? Let us know in the comments.

Cheers, Eurogamer.