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Metal Gear Survive co-op is a Ballroom Blitz when Metal Gear Ray gets involved

metal gear survive co-op ray

When I think “Metal Gear trailer,” I don’t necessarily think “upbeat rock songs on top of multiplayer shenanigans,” but here we are. Konami have provided a new trailer for Metal Gear Survive, focusing on good times with pals in co-op, and all the gameplay possibilities that can result.

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The wave-based survival shown here looks largely like the surprisingly good time we’ve seen from other recent videos. I’m especially fond of the slip-n-slide trap that drops those crystal zombies into a row of buzzing sawblades. (And I’ll take any excuse to listen to Ballroom Blitz for a while.)

Metal Gear Ray also shows up as a stinger at the end, mowing down enemies with the same laser breath that probably gave you headaches in MGS2. The timeline doesn’t altogether line up but, uh, wormholes or nanomachines or something. Either way, it’s probably some sort of late-game unlock.

If you happen to also play on consoles, you can try out the game for yourself with a beta that’s live right now. Metal Gear Survive will be out across all platforms on February 21.