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Metro Exodus dev shares tease for mysterious sequel

Metro Exodus dev 4A Games celebrated the horror FPS game's fifth anniversary by teasing the status of the series' next mainline entry.

Metro Exodus dev teases sequel: A bald man in a jacket from Metro Exodus.

It’s been five years since Metro Exodus, the follow-up to 4A Games’ Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, launched. Like its predecessors, the horror FPS game provided a wonderfully harsh journey through a post-apocalyptic world where fights against vicious monsters were as frequent as scenes of idle downtime with makeshift communities of survivors. While a VR game called Metro Awakening is currently in the works, fans of the series have been left waiting quite a while for another main entry to Metro. Now, fortunately, 4A has begun to tease the sequel to Exodus.

4A games has been promoting the Vertigo Games developed Metro Awakening recently, but it also wants to remind players that it hasn’t forgotten about non-VR entries to the series. In a post celebrating the fifth anniversary of Metro Exodus‘ launch – and the more than 10 million copies it’s sold since 2019 – the studio shared a cryptic reminder on X that its also working on a sequel to the FPS game.

Metro teaser post: Two X posts on a blank background.

“When it’s ready” isn’t much to latch onto, but it’s a reminder that the next Metro is cooking away at 4A Games and will hopefully be ready to unveil once Metro Awakening has launched and focus can shift back onto the mainline series. Because work on the VR spin-off isn’t being handled by 4A Games itself, there’s reason to believe that the cryptic timeline of a reveal “when it’s ready” might be closer than we think.

There’s reason to be excited about the direction this new entry might take. Metro Exodus experimented with bringing the series out of cramped tunnels and into bigger outdoor environments after two instalments set mainly within the Moscow subway system. This change worked well, providing a shake-up to the design of Metro’s grimy, desperate firefights while maintaining the mood and aesthetic that made the first games so popular.

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