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Metro Exodus is a mess on the Windows Store - players say they can’t even save

Metro Exodus seems to be something of a technical mess on its new storefront

metro exodus pc review

Metro Exodus arrived on the Windows Store last night, but it would seem that it’s having some significant problems. While the arrival on a new storefront means that Metro Exodus is no longer exclusive to the Epic Games store on PC, the new version appears to be having some technical difficulties.

A forum post on the PC Gaming Wiki earlier today discusses an attempt to get the game started on the Windows store. Member Anthraski says that “the game just outright refuses to save any graphics options that I change in the menus,” meaning there’s no option to change the game’s resolution.

Other comments in that thread suggest that even if you manage to change the resolution, the game will default back to 1280×720, even if your screen is bigger than that. That’s not all, however, as other threads from across Reddit and Resetera state that players are unable to save their game, and that save files are buried in strange places in the game’s files. Some players even report that they’re unable to install the game at all.

It’s not immediately clear why any of these problems have popped up, but Anthraski posits that it’s a result of the game being “ported” from the Epic Games store to the Windows store.

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I’m hoping that most of these problems will be resolved in the coming days, but it’s not a fantastic start, especially for such a high-profile acquisition – especially as you’ll need to wait until February before you can play the game via Steam.