Metro: Last Light’s Ranger mode is exclusive to its limited edition – but Deep Silver would rather it wasn’t


Metro: Last Light is out now; here’s our Metro: Last Light review.

Metro: Last Light’s Ranger mode is designed for desktop survivalists. It limits the amount of ammo you find, how long air filters and battery power last, the rate of mask fogging, and how many weapons you can carry. In short, it’ll make the most claustrophobic shooter in the bunker just that tug-on-the-gas-mask-strap more nauseous. The game’s publisher, Deep Silver, want it to be in every copy of the game. So why isn’t it?

Metro: Last Light was originally funded by THQ, but the publisher sold the rights to Deep Silver after declaring bankruptcy in January.

“Ranger Mode as part of the Limited Edition for Metro: Last Light was something that was decided last year by the former publisher, and which has been active for pre-order (outside of Steam which tends to start pre-purchase closer to launch) since that time,” explained Deep Silver community manager Maurice Tan.

“By the time Deep Silver took over publishing duties, changing that within the time left to getting the game ready [for] release was no longer an option.”

“Ranger Mode as DLC like this is not something we would have chosen to do, had we have been in charge of publishing this title from the start,” he added.

Deep Silver have been able to add a couple of additional pre-order incentives to the game since prising the reigns from THQ’s cold hands, however – namely a digital comic book written by Metro 2033 author Dmitry Glukhovsky, and a 10% discount for those who already owned Metro 2033 on Steam.

Are you a veteran of Ranger mode in the last Metro game?