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This Metro: Last Light trailer reckons you’d be awful after the apocalypse


Metro: Last Light is out now; here’s our Metro: Last Light review.

So, when the bomb’s dropped and civilisation’s gone to the centre for abandoned abstract, how do you think you’ll feel? Well, first of all, you’ll forget all of our achievements as a race. After that, you’ll start to remember bits and pieces – but not the nice bits, like keeping pets and baking cakes. Instead, you’ll help rebuild humanity using the twin tools of fascism and shooting people in the back.

How do I know? Trailer says so.

Last Light is safely in the hands on new publisher Deep Silver now, and sailing smoothly towards a May 17 release date. Fellow THQ refugee Saints Row 4 got the trailer treatment last week, and was looking very healthy indeed.

But what of Metro? Are you sold on the available snippets of its “rich narrative”?