Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 4 tackles France and Benelux at “the end of March”

The UK world update lands in two weeks

Best simulation games - Microsoft Flight Simulator. A screenshot shows the inside of a plane.

You can go anywhere in Microsoft Flight Simulator, but soon you’re extra going to be able to go to France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. World Update 4 will focus on France and the Benelux Union, building up those regions with greater visual fidelity. Of course, this also means that we won’t have to wait much longer for World Update 3, either.

World Update 4 will land at “the end of March”, according to Flight Sim head Jorg Neumann during a dev Q&A video (via FSElite). There aren’t any specific details on what will be improved here, but previous World Updates have added new points of interests, more detailed airports throughout the region, and a selection of cities made more realistic through the process of photogrammetry.

World Update 3 – the UK update – arrives somewhere between February 9 and February 11, as the devs say on the official site. This update applies photogrammetry to Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham and Bristol, adds nearly 80 POIs, and hand-crafted versions of airports at Barra, Liverpool, Land’s End, Manchester-Barton and Out Skerries, as well as some new activities.

The devs provided a brief teaser trailer for the UK update in the video below, at the 18:18 mark.

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