Microsoft’s Gamescom 2017 stream starts soon – here’s what we expect to see

microsoft gamescom 2017

It’s that time again – no, not LA time, CEST. Little bit of world clock humour to start you off there, try not to get too excited. Gamescom 2017 begins today, three days before the show actually opens. The desperate need for games companies to one-up each other on time aside, Microsoft’s livestream kicks off a week of games, games, games from Cologne this evening. What will they have to show? We’ve sussed it out.

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Microsoft Gamescom 2017 livestream

You’re probably looking for that. Here it is on Twitch:

Expect it to also pop up on YouTube and Mixer, if you prefer those platforms.

Microsoft Gamescom 2017 trailer

The big green ones even released a trailer of what they’re planning to show at the event, including Shadow of War, Forza 7, and Gears of War:

As you can guess from that, quite a lot of the show will likely be focused around the new Xbox One X. However, we’re expecting a few games as well…

Microsoft Gamescom 2017 rumours

As well as what’s laid out above, it wouldn’t be a Microsoft show without a little Minecraft. There’s nothing huge on the horizon, but they always wield out the kid-friendly blocks for the big streams. Expect some of that.

Crackdown 3 should make an appearence too, even though it was just delayed to 2018. Microsoft aren’t exactly drowning in upcoming releases, so they’ll want to show off what they do have and maybe explain the delay a little better – remember that it did have a solid date before being pushed back.

The Shadow of the Tomb Raider tease train has been rolling for a good few months and looks set to pull into the station tonight. The station is Microsoft’s Gamescom conference, in case that wasn’t clear. Hopefully it comes to PC at the same time this go round.

We’d also hope for some surprises. There’s this possible leak from a German retail site, but retail leaks are about as reliable as the Xbox release schedule has been, so take it with a pinch of salt. Obviously, we’ll have everything you could possibly want to see on the site as soon as we know it, so keep it locked to the home page for more.