Square Enix hint they might officially reveal Shadow of the Tomb Raider at Gamescom


Square Enix may be gearing up to formally reveal Shadow of the Tomb Raider at Gamescom.

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s existence was first revealed when a sharp-eyed commuter photographed someone’s laptop on a Montreal train. Just a few months back, further leaks of key art and logos for the next Tomb Raider gameconfirmed the name Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and suggested Lara Croft’s next adventure may be set in Central America. Surprisingly, though, there was nothing about the sequel at E3 2017.

According to WCCFTech, senior community manager Meagan Marie promised the community they’d know more about the new game “later” in 2017… and now fans are speculating that the upcoming Gamescom show just might be the “later” to which Meagan was referring.

Just a few hours ago, Tomb Raider’s official Instagram account posted an image of lead character Lara Croft captioned: “This week’s #ScreenshotSaturday by ‘Mel Invisible’ features Lara looking for what’s to come.”

While, admittedly, this comes as part of a series of screenshots, could the “looking for what’s to come” be a tease to an upcoming reveal? Guess we’ll find out soon enough, eh?