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Microsoft is making it easier for iOS and Android developers to port their apps to Windows 10

Windows 10 will get ports of iOS and Android apps

Microsoft doesn’t want you going anywhere else for apps, which is why it’s planning to get Android and iOS apps and games running on Windows 10 with only a wee bit of fuss. The reveal was made during today’s Build 2015 conference, as part of the keynote. 

Two SDKs have been put together for iOS and Android developers, and they’ll be able to use them to port their games and apps over to Windows 10 without needing to make massive changes. In the cases where the apps use a Google API, for instance, Microsoft will provide replacement APIs. 

Developers will need to actually be interested in porting them over first, of course, but the likes of King, developers of the inexplicably popular Candy Crush Saga, have been working with Microsoft.

"We want to enable developers to leverage their current code and current skills to start building those Windows applications in the Store, and to be able to extend those applications," Microsoft’s Terry Myerson told The Verge in an interview today. 

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Belimawr Avatar
2 Years ago

but it's never really been that hard to port apps if they are made in a common language, it's actually that easy apple made the app screening process block the quick ports to try to force full ports.


as long as they have the politics and fees involved with porting to yet another market place quite a few developers will still ignore it unless MS can massively increase their mobile market share, as with a windows PC it is actually easier for them to port into chrome or just convert the game to web based allowing any windows/linux/mac system to use it.


so while a good idea in theory I can't see this being the saviour to MS's mobile business after all that is what they are doing this for as the main complaint with windows phone is the lack of apps.

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