Microsoft Activision deal is “moving fast”, now in mid-phase

Despite facing the scrutiny of governing bodies across the world, the Microsoft Activision deal has quickly progressed for an acquisition of this size

The official header image for the Microsoft Activision deal, containing recognisable faces from across Activision Blizzard's franchises

The Microsoft Activision deal is still far from complete, with the $68.7 billion acquisition of the Call of Duty publisher currently subject to scrutinty from regulatory bodies across the globe. Despite needing worldwide approval, it appears that negotiations are proceeding at an agreeable pace.

Responding to questions on the Microsoft Activision deal in an recent interview, Microsoft vice chairman and president, Brad Smith, says “it’s moving fast,” before caveating, “at least fast enough for an acquisition of this size” (via VGC). Smith goes on to describe the state of talks as “coming to the end of the beginning and now entering the beginning of the middle.”

As quickly as the deal is seemingly progressing, Smith is quick to highlight that “it’s a long process.” Despite the company obviously preferring it be completed sooner it intends to “respect the process.” For now, little seems to be standing in the way of Microsoft’s hopes of a mid-2023 completion.

However, fresh legal action taken against Activision could cause unexpected delays, with various New York City bodies alleging that the deal allows CEO Bobby Kotick to “escape liability and accountability entirely.” This is in addition to the ongoing lawsuit from the state of California dating back to July 2021.