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Microsoft Internet Explorer finally retires after 26 years

Internet Explorer heads into retirement today, as the program's internet duties will now be handled by the default Windows 11 browser, Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer's blue 'E' logo with an orange flash

Internet Explorer finally hangs up its hat, as today marks the browser’s last day in the Windows office. Once it leaves, its duties will be handed off to Microsoft Edge, the bright-eyed browser new start that comes packaged with Windows 11, but the change should only affect PCs that use older versions of Windows

To combat compatibility, Microsoft Edge will feature an Internet Explorer mode, which can be enabled in the browser’s settings. However, Statcounter figures suggest it’ll matter to less than 2% of internet users, as most people use Google Chrome as their daily internet driver. At the moment, 67% of internet devices worldwide use Chrome to surf the web, while just over 10% use Edge.

In a way, Internet Explorer checked out of the browser game a long time ago, especially since it’s not included with Windows 11. Yet, if you’ve been using a gaming PC or laptop for a while, the program likely served portal to the world wide web on at least one of your previous machines.

Microsoft Internet Explorer may be consigned to computer history after today, but its memory will live on through memes and other tech tales of old. After all, it was the first “free” browser, you’d have to pay for programs like Netscape Navigator before its debut.