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There’s now a cheaper Xbox Pro controller for your gaming PC

Microsoft just unveiled the Xbox Elite 2 Series 2 Core, a cheaper version of its Pro gamepad that should help players embrace fancy gaming PC controls for less

Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller with white face and themed backdrop

Microsoft just revealed a new version of its Xbox Elite 2 controller, and it could bring pro controller functionality to your gaming PC for less. Dubbed the “Core”, the company says its new pad aims to provide “essential components that meet the core needs of today’s competitive gamers.”

The Xbox Elite Series 2 Core comes with bells and whistles typically included with enthusiast PC controllers, like adjustable-tension thumbsticks, a rubberised grip, and shorter hair lock triggers. You can also swap out its sticks, d-pad, and trigger moulds using an optional accessory pack – a neat trick included with the original and alternatives like the Thrustmaster Eswap X.

Both the Xbox Elite 2 and the new Core pad almost look identical, but the former comes clad with a white body and contrasting black grips. If that particular aesthetic isn’t your bag, you’ll be pleased to know that the gamepad is heading to Xbox Design Lab, meaning you can play around with cursed colour combinations till the cows come home.

The new Xbox pad on the block arrives September 21, and it’s available to preorder now for $129.99 USD/ £142.99 GBP. The fact it’s $50 less than the original means it could swiftly become a serious best PC controller contender, especially if it packs a similar punch for less.