Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor free DLC lets you dress all in black and laugh in the face of poison

Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor free dlc monolith

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor just got a wee bit bigger thanks to a new free DLC from Warner Brothers. Think of it as the crumbs that were left in the development cake tin, should have been part of the cake but you’re glad they weren’t thrown in the bin.

It adds a new costume and three new epic runes to play with.

The Power of the Shadow bundle lets you dress up as your nemesis from the main story, the Black Hand of Sauron, as you go about Mordor slaying orcs and manipulating the minds of simple captains.

Also included in the DLC are three new epic runes – One with Nature, Ascendant, and Elven Grace. The first gives you an immunity to those pesky poison attacks which both damage you and remove counter-attack prompts; the second doubles your focus time, allowing you to take your time headshotting orcs with your bow; and the last reduces the damage you take from enemy attacks by half.

I just finished Shadow of Morder last night and if you’ve not yet picked up I’d seriously consider adding it your wish list (or waiting till the Steam Christmas Sale when it will no doubt receive a hefty reduction). The nemesis system sucks you in quickly and you’ll soon find yourself building serious grudges against some of the orc captains who have killed you over and over, just as Fraser did.

You can read more about what makes it special in my preview.