Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor ignored Gandalf when he warned “You shall not season pass”

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor season pass

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is due out tomorrow, pitting the ranger Talion and his wraith BFF against the hordes of orcs that are causing all sorts of problems throughout Middle-earth. It’s a messy world. It’s also a place where you can participate in some gambling by picking up the season pass, which is currently 30 percent off on Steam. 

Warner Bros. spilled the beans on what this season pass contains, and it’s the usual suspects of ancillary story missions and challenge modes. 

Here’s what throwing £14 at the season pass will net you:

  • Guardians of the Flaming Eye Exclusive Warband Mission: Face Sauron’s elite Defenders before the Black Gate and earn the Wolf’s Head rune
  • Trials of War Challenge Series: Play the full series of 4 challenge modes: Test of Power, Test of Speed, Test of Wisdom and the Endless challenge. Earn points for power, skill, speed and efficiency and build your Legend on the Leaderboards.
  • Lord of the Hunt Story Mission: Dive deeper into Mordor’s living world and hunt the wild beasts of Mordor to earn unique runes.
  • The Bright Lord Story Mission: Battle against Sauron as Celebrimbor, the great Elven Lord of the Second Age, to unlock powerful runes and the ability to wield the One Ring.
  • Future content including additional Warband Missions, Runes, & Skins: Enhance your weapons with powerful Runes and customize Talion’s appearance with unique skins.

The Lord of the Hunt and Bright Lord DLC both sound at least somewhat intriguing, the latter in particular. Celebrimbor is the wraith that shares protagonist Talion’s body throughout the main game, but Bright Lord goes back into his history, where he faced mean ol’ Sauron way back in the Second Age.