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Loot boxes have no impact on game sales, according to NPD analysts

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 Loot boxes are yet to have any noticeable impact on game sales. Despite controversy surrounding microtransactions across the industry, games appear to sell no differently, whether or not they contain extra forms of monetisation.

You don't need to buy loot chests to enjoy Shadow of War's endgame.

According to Gamesindustry, Mat Piscatella, an analyst from market research firm NPD, says the AAA industry has not been affected by the apparent unpopularity of microtransactions. Destiny 2, which has expanded on the microtransactions of the original game, is the best-selling game of 2017, less than two months after release. That’s before PC figures, which are also likely to be significant, have been considered.

Piscatella says that the success of Destiny 2 suggests that “the loot box or microtransactions controversy has not yet resulted in clear noticeable limitations of the sales potential of the games.”

Other popular games this year include FIFA 18, which has a market of more than $800 million for its Ultimate Team microtransaction model. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is also selling well, despite multiple cosmetic microtransaction options.

It’s yet to be seen how the issues surrounding Middle-earth: Shadow of War will impact that analysis however. Despite the fact that you don’t need to use its microtransactions, news of their very existence has proved extremely unpopular.

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cpt.fantastic avatarTony Harrison aka ElDiablo avatarNihlusGreen avatar
Tony Harrison aka ElDiablo Avatar


No offense but that's nonsense. People that play f2p games expect microtransactions. However, having microtransactions in a paid for game is, for want of a better word, shit.

I deliberately avoid any paid for games with microtransactions, so I'm surprised by this article. I guess people are weak and give in to their desire to play the latest AAA games, despite the games being full of anti consumer game mechanics and devious ways to extract money from our wallets.

I'm am concerned by your (and others) willingness to bend over and accept these shady business practices as a forgone conclusion.

Out of interest, have you ever wondered if atitude towards this might be supporting this worrying direction the gaming industry is heading?

cpt.fantastic Avatar
4 Months ago

People wouldn't play f2p games if microtransactions mattered. But as the Dead Space -devs are going down we can see that the productions are too big and expensive without additional monetizing options.

Most AAA games will have microtransactions and/or advertising in the future.

NihlusGreen Avatar
4 Months ago

Not quite. AAA publishers / shareholders want, and only care, about making lots of money yes? Therefore AAA games already make plenty of money, otherwise they wouldn't continue to make them would they? These corporations even go so far as to utilize shell companies in overseas tax havens.

In regards to Visceral there has been numerous sources of news entailing marketing been almost as high as actual production.

"Most AAA games will have microtransactions and/or advertising in the future." Well I don't recall advertising but MTs are sure here. And because a lot of consumers have defended them as been "only cosmetics" you can bet once apathy for them sets in a little further, publishers will push for their titles to be a combo of p2w MTs, full retail price, DLC, expansion pass, collectors edition etc.

Heck EA has indicated MP/MT games are their future, so forget about SP. Some early reports also suggest their latest Battlefront is P2W.