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See Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s reworked Nemesis system in action in new 16 minute gameplay reveal

Shadow of war gameplay

Those chaps at Warner Bros are getting pretty good at dropping jaws, and their latest reveal for Middle-earth: Shadow of War is no exception. Turns out all that bombast and scale promised by the reveal trailer for the eagerly anticipated sequel to 2014’s Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor wasn’t overselling anything. The new gameplay reveal – which you can watch in full above – is a whopping 16 minutes of siege gameplay, showing off every new aspect of Monolith Productions’ vastly expanded Nemesis system, as well as a few of the game’s new features like loot and armour.

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The gameplay walkthrough takes us through a complete battle for a stronghold, from knocking down the gates, to setting the walls ablaze on the back of a dominated drake, culminating in a boss fight with the overlord of Fort Seregost. There’s far, far too much going on for us to break down to you in a single news post, but don’t worry as Matt’s already written a comprehensive analysis of Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s bigger, better Nemesis system for you to read through.

The addition of loot for noteworthy overlord and warchief kills is also a welcome addition, and fans of Tolkien’s world will surely get a kick out of grabbing themselves a set of Rohirrim armour, despite the multitude of lore atrocities on display elsewhere. We’ll be poring over the details for a while, so in the meantime, sit back and enjoy this 16 minute info drop from Warner Bros.