Meet Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s Terror tribe

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Orc tribes

Mordor is lousy with orcs. Not just roving warbands, either, but whole tribes of them, each with their own special traits. In the latest Middle-earth: Shadow of War trailer, we get a glimpse of one of these tribes: the Terror tribe. Yeah, they don’t care much about subtlety. 

Here’s everything we know about Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

The Terror tribe’s power lies in their reputation. They specialise in spreading fear throughout Sauron’s unpleasant land, intimidating their foes.

This should provide some interesting opportunities in regards to the Nemesis system – maybe we’ll be able to use their fearsome reputation to our benefit as we try to clean up Mordor’s streets.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is due out on October 10.