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Massive 4X game Millennia reveals PC release date, and it’s soon

The huge Civilization rival Millennia is coming to PC in 2024, and there's thankfully not long to wait before we can dig into the 4X game.

A Spartan in Millennia

In exciting news for strategically minded PC gamers, Millennia, the civilization-building game from C Prompt Studios and Paradox Interactive, launches on 26 March 2024. A Civilization 6 rival and one of the most anticipated 4X titles of the year, the game lets you write the story of a new empire.

Millennia hopes to transform the traditional 4X games genre into something unique and dynamic. Allowing players to take control of unique ages, it encourages pursuing different goals that can dramatically change the course of history.

In a statement, Paradox Interactive says, “You can transform an Iron Age into an Age of Heroes, or, if you plan poorly, a Renaissance into an Age of Ignorance. National Spirits and other traits allow players to make different choices that make each playthrough different.”

“This means that a nation of explorers in one game could be a nation of scholars in another. You can also develop strong economic centers and export surpluses to the corners of your empire to speed up production or distribute luxuries.”

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Millennia might call to you if you like strategy games with depth, as you define the focus of your nation by investing in six domains — exploration, government, warfare, diplomacy, engineering, and arts — claim territories, create an economic supply chain, and refine materials to better your civilization. It sounds like there’s a wealth of customization options, fit for long sessions and long-term goals. Sinking a few hundred hours into this likely won’t be too difficult.

Whether Millennia will stand up to the best strategy games remains to be seen, competition is tough and many people have their favorite series locked in. There’s always room for more competition, though, especially in this genre. For those, check out our favorite grand strategy games.

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