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New horror game with almost perfect reviews is also completely free

Resident Evil 9 and Silent Hill 2 Remake are two of our most-wanted games, but a short new horror with high reviews just hit Steam for free.

Mimic Search Steam horror game: A civilian from Steam horror game Mimic Search

Between Amnesia The Bunker, plenty of fresh chapters in Dead By Daylight, the pending launch of Silent Hill 2 Remake, and the distant – but very likely – arrival of Resident Evil 9, the horror game renaissance is continuing in full swing. While we wait for some of our most-wanted future frighteners, a new, short spookfest is lighting up Steam with near-perfect reviews, and it’s available right now for absolutely nothing. If you want some free fear, this is ideal.

This is Mimic Search, from independent developer Gemezl. A short horror game in the spirit of spooky bedtime stories or late-night TV specials, it combines VHS distortion, quasi-PS1 and PS2 visuals, and a delightfully inventive premise into a fearful, first-person experience designed to be completed in a single sitting. Perhaps you’re familiar with the work of Puppet Combo or Anomaly creator Kitty Horrorshow. Mimic Search is cut from similar cloth, an esoteric, homebaked one-shot with plenty of punch.

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You play a police officer, combing through a small, rural, and sparsely populated town in the middle of the night, hunting for what the locals claim is a mimic – a supernatural creature that can make itself look like anything. Interview the locals. Search at your own will. Track down anything or anyone that seems unusual. The world of Mimic Search is a sickly spin on classic Americana, an ostensibly peaceful suburb where something unspeakable has broken loose.

Of the more than 100 player reviews submitted for Mimic Search so far, 94% are favorable and recommend the game to others – just under a week since launch, it boasts a ‘very positive’ rating on Steam. Even better, you can play the entire game for free. If you want a swift, intense shocker with a seriously spooky ending, get Mimic Search right here.

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