Minecraft: Story Mode trailer reveals the finale is nigh

Minecraft Story Mode ep4

Telltale’s speedy progression through Minecraft: Story Mode has finally brought us to the finale. But wait: the episode launching on December 22nd is the fourth of five, not the last. What exactly is going on here?

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Well it turns out that ‘A Block and a Hard Place’ brings in the conclusion of the ‘Wither Storm’ story, and the final chapter releasing next year will start something new. “Adventures begin anew in the mysterious Episode Five launching in early 2016” explains the episode’s announcement. Huh. Looks like Telltale are taking inspiration from HBO by setting up the next season by creating story threads in the final episode.

As for episode four, the Wither Storm is going ballistic and our heroes must take a trip into the perilous Farlands to try and destroy it. Sound dangerous, but it wouldn’t be Minecraft if there weren’t danger and excitement hiding behind every block.