The best Minecraft skins 2023

Let us help you out with some cool Minecraft skins, including Star Wars icons, Among Us, Elsa, and superheroes from both DC and Marvel Universes.

The best cool Minecraft skins: The Dream Team, Ask Ketchum, Wonder Woman, and Patrick Star skins appear above a desert at sunset

The best Minecraft skins are a great way of making yourself stand out when playing on multiplayer servers. That’s why one of the most important and popular aspects of Minecraft is your avatar skin – use it to represent yourself inside and outside the game, for screenshots, videos, multiplayer, and more… and just to feel that little bit less generic.

There are now more default Minecraft skins than ever with seven new characters: Noor, Sunny, Ari, Zuri, Makena, Kai, and Efe, added in 2022 as part of the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update. The new additions join Steve and Alex in an effort to make Minecraft more representative, which is crucial when loading up any of the best PC games for the first time. However, once you’re a few days in to the survival game, you might prefer to shed your default skin in exchange for something a little more individual. If you aren’t confident enough to make your own completely custom avatar, there are thousands of cool Minecraft skins that have been ready-made for you to download and apply in minutes, here’s just a few of the best. Take note that all of these cool Minecraft skins are available to download right now on NameMC.

Cute Minecraft skins: A Minecraft player stands in the frozen ocean surrounded by polar bear, wearing a white and pastel-coloured polar bear onesie.

Cute polar bear onesie skin

Let’s face it, aside from Minecraft phantoms and Wardens, at its core, the sandbox game is pretty cute. Add some nice Minecraft shaders and texture packs, and you can build some adorable houses too. To live in a cute house, you’ll want to look cute too, and thankfully there are plenty of sweet skins at your fingertips. We personally love any that involve cosy onesies, animals, and pastels, which is why this polar bear onesie Minecraft girl skin is our top pick. After all, you need to stay cosy when you’re surrounded by ice.

Cute Minecraft skins: Sanrio My Melody in Minecraft wearing a scarf and ear muffs in a snowy taiga.

My Melody Minecraft skin

Sticking with the theme of cute avatars, there’s very little distance to travel before you reach the world of Sanrio. While there are plenty of Hello Kitty skins, Kuromi skins, and more, we just love this My Melody skin, which sees the Sanrio character dressed for winter.

Minecraft skins cute girls: Two Minecraft girls stand in front of a pink cherry blossom tree.

Cute Minecraft girl skin

Who doesn’t love a cute emo girl, right? There are so many girl goth Minecraft skins available as it’s a pretty popular aesthetic, almost as much as kawaii skins, but we’ve picked out these two cuties from NameMC, Emo Girl and Amlra: how can you not love their long bangs and sleepy eyes.

Minecraft skins: Patrick Star and Spongebob stand at the bottom of the Minecraft warm ocean surrounded by colourful coral blocks.

Patrick Star and Spongebob

So, you’re the class clown and you crave laughs more than cute heart eyes? Then there’s plenty of funny Minecraft skins for you too. Patrick Star himself is already a pretty funny guy thanks to his slips up and silly behaviour – hey, we can all relate, right? But what about a buff Patrick skin? And, if you’re hanging out with a friend in Bikini Bottom or The Nether, then one of you could be Patrick, while the other dresses up as bestie Spongebob.

Funny Minecraft skins: A Minecraft player in a trollface skin stands in The End, as the Ender Dragon flies behind them.


Are the residents of Bikini Bottom not funny enough for you? Then reach for the memes and troll your friends on any Minecraft servers with this clever Trollface skin.

Cute Minecraft cat skin: A Minecraft player stands on a bed in a pink and white cat skin, as two Minecraft cats look up at them.

Minecraft cat skin

Sometimes, there’s just nothing better than a cute pet pic. Feeling down? Cute pet pic. Feeling sick? Cute pet pic. Just a normal day? Cute pet pic. We love our animals, and would probably like to be one, too. Who wouldn’t want to sit around dozing in the sun all day? But while it might be difficult to take on the form of a trash panda or fluffy kitten in real life, in Minecraft, anything is possible, and this cute pink Minecraft cat skin is perfect for living those fantasies.

Anime Minecraft skins: A Deku Minecraft skin from My Hero Academia hovers above trees in front of a dusk sky.

My Hero Academia Minecraft anime skin

Minecraft might be more pixelated than your favourite anime, but you can still get the big eyes, small mouth look from an anime-themed Minecraft skin. There are plenty of generic, anime-style skins, but you might also want to look for characters from your favourite series or manga, and this Deku skin from My Hero Academia has to be among our favourites.

Minecraft anime skins: Sailor Moon holds a gold sword and floats above the sea in Minecraft.

Sailor Moon skin

If something a little more old school suits you more, then you might prefer this gorgeous Sailor Moon-inspired Minecraft skin. With muted colours, it adds something a little different to the primary palette of the anime, but we think that just makes it look even more retro.

Cool Minecraft skins: A Minecraft stands in a village pig pen in a Technoblade skin.

Technoblade Minecraft skin

There’s no better representation of the power of a Minecraft skin than YouTubers. The most popular Minecraft YouTubers are, after all, recognised by their skins more than their real faces, so much so that their fans will often wear their own version in-game to show off their allegiance. If you’re looking to rep your favourite content creator, then there’s most likely a skin ready to go, with the late, legendary Technoblade among the most popular.

Minecraft skins: A Minecraft player wears a skin showing half Dream and half GeorgeNotFound, and is jumping between hay bales across a steep drop.

Dream Team Minecraft skin

We all know that the biggest Dream Team fans will always ship Dream and GeorgeNotFound – even more so after George’s move to the USA in 2022 and Dream’s long-awaited face reveal. Well, if that’s you, then you’ll be pleased to hear that someone has gone to the effort of combining their skins into one cute ode to the pair, in this half-and-half Dream Team skin.

cool Minecraft skins: A Batman skin at night on the right hand side, and a flying Iron Man on the left.

Marvel’s Iron Man or DC’s Batman

Now, there’s no denying the hold that superheroes have over popular culture right now, but whether you’re team DC or team Marvel, there are quite literally thousands of ready-made Minecraft skins at your disposal. DC fans can don the legendary costume of the Dark Knight with this Batman skin, while fans of Marvel could choose to make like Tony Stark and step into the Iron Man suit.

Cool Minecraft skins: Wanda Maximoff and Wonder Woman both hover over a badlands biome.

Marvel’s Scarlet Witch or DC’s Wonder Woman

Let’s not overlook the badass women of the Marvel and DC universes. Diana Prince is and always will be a classic, so if you’ve always wanted your own Bracelets of Submission and Lasso of Truth, then this Wonder Woman skin is perfect for you. Alternatively, you might prefer to step into the shoes of Wanda, or the Scarlet Witch. We personally love her 1950s WandaVision look, but even that doesn’t beat her devilishly good superhero suit, represented perfectly in this Wanda Maximoff Minecraft skin.

Cool Minecraft skins: A player character sneaks out from behind a tree in the dark wearing a Herobrine skin.

Minecraft Herobrine

We may be talking about getting away from default Minecraft skins, but that doesn’t mean you might not want some variation of the game’s characters. Herobrine is a well-known myth in Minecraft lore, and while the spooky Steve-alike might not actually appear in game, you can trick your friends with this Herobrine skin.

Minecraft skins: A creeper in a suit stands near an underground lava pool where other creepers reside.

A Minecraft Creeper

Alternatively, you could always try and trick those pesky Creepers into not blowing you up with this sharply-dressed Creeper skin. Spoiler alert: it won’t work.

Minecraft skins: Ash Ketchum stands next to Bulbasaur in the Minecraft Pixelmon mod.

The perfect Pokemon skin

Minecraft might be one of the best survival games around, but it’s unlikely the only game you like, so why not combine some of your favourites? You can always bring other games into the Minecraft world with some spectacular gaming-themed Minecraft builds, or even play one game within the other, just like you can with Pixelmon, one of the best Minecraft mods. But then you may as well look the part, too. So, speaking of bringing Pokémon to Minecraft, why not drop into a Pixelmon server as Ash Ketchum himself and become a Minecraft Pokémon master?

Best Minecraft skins 2023: A player in a Yoshi skin stands on a green Mario-style pipe entrance made of green Minecraft blocks.

Super Mario Yoshi skin

Alternatively, you could take that pipe into Minecraft’s own Super Mario DLC as Yoshi, everyone’s favourite little dinosaur. Just don’t get eaten by a Piranha Plant…

So there you have just a selection of the very best skins NameMC has to offer. You also have the option to completely design your own from a blank canvas. Now, we’ve also got your covered if you need to know how to change your Minecraft skin, on both Java and Bedrock edition. Now, get dressed, and head out to the new Cherry Blossom biome, or equip some Minecraft armor trims and make your fit drip even more ahead of the next update.