Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 2: Assembly Required tipped onto unsuspecting public

Minecraft: Story Mode

We once waited nearly four months for an installment of the Wolf Among Us, yet now Telltale episodes are flying in at such a rate they seem in danger of tripping over one another. Minecraft: Story Mode has done a Beyonce, dropping Assembly Required onto Steam without warning.

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The season began just a couple of weeks ago, and its physical edition is available this Friday with just the first episode on the disc – though the second will be redeemable as a download. Of course, you can buy and play both episodes on Steam today, taking on the male or female role of Jesse in a world of regular quadrilaterals.

Our Phil dubbed Minecraft: Story Mode a big departure from the Telltale formula, on account of its inter-episodic consequences, “stop-and-stare” faithful aesthetics, and star turns from voice actors including Gabriel the Warrior’s Dave Fennoy, formerly known as Lee off of The Walking Dead Season One. Sadly there are no clementines in Minecraft – only apples.

Think you’ll see this one all the way through to the End (beyond the Nether and the Overworld)?