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A ban on Minecraft is being called for by Turkey's Family and Social Policies Ministry

Turkey ministry wants to ban Minecraft

Over the last month, Turkey’s Family and Social Policies Ministry have been investigating a game that it believed could promote violence, particularly against women. That game is Minecraft. The investigation has now concluded, and the Ministry is expected to start legal proceedings to ban the game, but it will ultimately be determined by a court. 

The investigation was started last month when the ministry received complaints about violence in the game, especially toward women. 

The ministry claims that, while Minecraft fosters creativity in children, hostile creatures have to be killed to protect the players’ creations. It concludes that this means the game is based on violence, Hurriyet Daily News reports

Going even further, the report claims that Minecraft could lead children to believe that torturing animals wouldn’t harm them and cause social isolation. 

While Minecraft does let players fight monsters, hunt animals and participate in PvP, it can also be played in creative mode, absent any threats or hostility. And the claim that it promotes violence against women stems from the fact that you can fight blocky, digital women. And rabbits, men, aliens, skeletons and The Simpsons. 

It’s all a bit flimsy, even for the already flimsy world of censorship.

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MrJinxed Avatar
3 Years ago

Oh Turkey, don't be THIS stupid.

1N07 Avatar
3 Years ago

So, ummm... Are all games banned in Turkey?

Nyuha Avatar
3 Years ago


Zayrek Avatar
3 Years ago

The Age of Stupidity is bizzare. Idiots spawning everywhere.

Stinkflipper Incarnate Avatar

Turkey is becoming more and more messed up. It's actually somewhat scary.

somebody336 Avatar
3 Years ago

Promotes violence against women?! Who plays Minecraft and even thinks such a thing -_-

EWA_shadows Avatar
3 Years ago

Violence against women? How again? Turkey what the hell are you doing?!?!?!

Osama da llama Avatar
2 Years ago

ok it says you can hit "blocky,digital women" where just who, how, what, when, where, why? sure you fight other players with female skins, so what? the female skinned characters can fight you rihgt back