Minecraft ASMR is your new lo-fi beats to work to

A Minecraft fan who goes by Wuzu Clay on YouTube is combining ASMR and clay sculpting into some wonderfully relaxed videos, and that's fantastic

Minecraft ASMR: a YouTuber puts together a clay diorama of Minecraft home

Minecraft is already one of the most relaxing PC games out there for many people, but what if you throw some ASMR and clay sculpting into the mix? While there certainly are more chaotic ways to play the building game, it feels like it’s been designed to gently massage your senses into a state of relaxed putty. The music is wonderfully calming, the rhythm of mining is fast enough to avoid frustration but slow enough not to feel hectic, and building your very own home is wonderfully gratifying.

It makes perfect sense, then, that Minecraft ASMR would exist. However, what we’re showing you today isn’t about the game, as such, but about the clay ASMR (ClaySMR) that a YouTuber called WUZU Clay has been putting out. These videos are so overwhelmingly relaxing that you’d have to actively go out of your way to stay stressed out while listening to them and watching them.

The YouTuber makes videos of themselves creating tiny sculptures from different materials that show their love for different game worlds. They’ve done eight videos on some Among Us builds, all of which are wonderfully whimsical, while also capturing some of the key moments from your average game.

The Minecraft videos have WUZU Clay slowly putting together familiar miniature dioramas, complete with blocky structures, adorable animals, and even the odd splash of water physics. You can watch them build each one from start to finish, with every step accompanied by an array of satisfying sounds.

What makes it particularly soothing, though, is the peppering of Minecraft sound effects and music in each video. It makes you feel as though you’re being comforted by each of the little scenes the YouTuber is building. It makes for some of the most intensely relaxing background videos we’ve found yet.

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It’s also a great version of ASMR for those who aren’t into the idea of someone whispering to them from inside their skull. There’s no talking to be found here, just the crunch of packets being opened, the squelch of clay being moulded, and the immensely wonderful thud of the tools hitting the workspace as things are cut into shape. It’s just nice to find something wholesome to listen to if you’re at a PC all day.

If you’d like to check out some cool Minecraft builds while you listen to your ASMR, you can follow that link.

Image credit: WUZU Clay / YouTube

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