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Bad karma chameleon: Minecraft bug sees players lose ability to swap skins

Villagers: probably not responsible for the current CDN problems in Minecraft.

Mojang have reported that one of Minecraft’s best-loved mobs has attained sentience, and is running amok.

It’s no April Fools, though, but rather a colourful way to describe a bug. Minecraft players, ordinarily able to change every pixel on their body at whim, are currently stuck with whatever their last skin happened to be.

“The long-nosed villagers introduced in Minecraft beta 1.9 have become sentient,” said longtime Minecraft custodian, Jeb. “They have taken over our skin servers and content delivery networks (CDN), so unfortunately you will not be able to change your skins until we fix the problem.

“We are desperately trying our best to pull the plugs, but we should prepare ourselves to serve under our new villager overlords. Singularity may be upon us.”

Oh dear. I’m fairly sure my current skin in a blocky Ezio, left over from last year’s infatuation with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. What’s yours?