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Minecraft bees already have Adventure Time and Bee Movie mods

Two creators have already retextured Minecraft's bees

minecraft bees update

Minecraft: Java Edition just got a buggy update, though not the bad kind – there are now some super sweet honey bees buzzing around in the game. The 19W34A snapshot just introduced the neutral mobs, which happily go about their business creating honey from flowers – and it looks like some Minecraft modders have been inspired to add their own take on them to the game already. Two creators have now made bee Minecraft texture packs inspired by Adventure Time and The Bee Movie.

First up, user Decthe64th has posted an image of a Minecraft bee on Reddit which bears the unmistakable appearance of Barry B. Benson from The Bee Movie, announcing that they’ve “made a beesource pack.” While Barry is represented in Minecraft’s cubic art style, there’s no doubt who he is, and it looks like the Minecraft community approves of the creation – it’s received a whopping 53.9k upvotes (at the time of writing) since it was uploaded yesterday.

In a video of Barry – or many Barries – in action posted on Twitter, it looks like the bees have also had their buzzing sounds changed, as they can be seen calling out various lines from the film, with Jerry Seinfeld’s voice ringing out across the plains of Minecraft. You can check it out below.

It looks like a second retexture, inspired by the bees from animated series Adventure Time by user Yerm_Terragon, is also a hit with Redditors, having already gained 19k upvotes at the time of writing. Once again, the likeness in unmistakable – the poster’s image comparison shows the same, charmingly simple drawn face adorning the Minecraft version as the cartoon’s, even though the user says it was a bit tricky getting it right.

Users have started celebrating the creation by posting lines of lyrics from Adventure Time’s Island Song which, happily, read “come along with me, and the butterflies and bees.”

If you’re keen to see Barry the Bee in your game, you can grab it from the user’s download page. It doesn’t look like the Adventure Time bees’ creator has provided a download link for their retexture just yet, but if you keep an eye on the page, perhaps they might soon.