Minecraft’s Bloom map lets you restore and tend to an abandoned garden

Minecraft is a pretty chilled out experience as it stands, but some players have proven there’s always room for growth. As part of a recent drive to spotlight community creations, Mojang has highlighted a nifty wee map called Bloom.

The player-created map swaps the building game’s traditional survival-based gameplay with something more akin to Stardew Valley. You enter a garden within a forest that has long been abandoned and take up the reins as a caretaker to restore it. You can build yourself a cabin as your home base, and decorate your garden with structures and over 30 magical plants.

It’s not just about building, though, as you’ll need to maintain everything through repairs, upgrades, and your designs. You can also forage, fish, and solve mysteries to add some diversity to your daily routine. There are no enemies, either, as the only people who can join you are your friends. Personally, my mob of pals are more hazardous than your day-to-day Creeper, but you might have more productive chums.

You can catch a trailer for it down below:

YouTube Thumbnail

If you’d like to download the map for yourself, you can find it over on the Minecraft store for free. If you fancy checking out more Minecraft maps, you know where to click.