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Chicago goes blocky in incredible Minecraft recreation

Minecraft Chicago

What have you done over the Christmas break? Perhaps you ate some fancy cuisine, or kicked back in front of the fire while playing some new games. To make you feel bad about your unproductive use of time, take a look at this 1:4 scale map of Chicago made in Minecraft.

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To make things a little easier on you, this wasn’t made in a single December weekend, but is a phenomenal achievement for damnsox, who recently uploaded an impressive gallery of Minecraft Chicago to Imgur. It’s completely accurate to the city itself, so much so that a commenter has even remarked that they can see the office where they work.

Minecraft Chicago

Minecraft Chicago

At first the tight streets and tall skyscrapers make the screenshots look like a somewhat low-res SimCity map, but unlike SimCity where buildings just jump out of a build menu, everything here has been crafted by a very dedicated Minecrafter.

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