CivCraft looks to Sid Meier to give Minecraft “competitive purpose”

CivCraft features a world map.

That name could go either way, couldn’t it? This is not a survivalist game in the Civ engine in which Gandhi punches trees for wood. Sorry. Instead, it’s a serverside mod for Minecraft which casts players as citizens of player-formed countries.

CivCraft is no dramatic overhaul of the Minecraft engine – you’ll still be playing in first-person, as an individual. But once players band together, they can form their own camps, claim and protect land, research technology, engage in diplomacy and wage small wars.

“The players write their own history,” say the mod’s developers, with one eye firmly locked on Eve. “We want to take the creative spirit of Minecraft and give it a competitive purpose so that players can take greater pride in their accomplishments.”

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Each player begins with a handful of food and scarcely enough tools to fill a belt. But they’ll spawn in a “nice little town” with a bank, grocers and global market. Iron, gold, diamonds and emeralds are the business of the bank, and wood, cobble, feathers and leather can be traded on the market.

Players will need to pay for the upkeep of local buildings, and CivCraft’s creators warn that they’ll need to be prepared to log on often – “this is a very long term game”.

The mod’s been available in early form for a year or two – but it’s just been updated to version 1.2, and now /r/Games are listening it’s likely to see an influx of new players. Think you’ll try your hand at a World Wonder?

Thanks, VG247.