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Ghostcraft: the Minecraft mod inspired by The Hidden: Source


If you’ve enjoyed playing Dota in Minecraft or are a fan of MineZ, the mod that brought DayZ to Minecraft, then you might well want to try Ghostcraft. Developed by some of the same team behind MineZ, Ghostcraft takes its cue from a multiplayer Half Life 2 mod known as The Hidden: Source.

One player takes the role of an almost invisible and particularly powerful ghost, while the other players are hunters trying to chase them down. If the ghost can eliminate all of the hunters, then they’re declared the winner, while the hunters themselves can become the ghost if they’re able to strike the spook enough. Ideally, you’ll want to become the ghost and then take out all the other players, one by one, but naturally that’s easier said than done.

Ghostcraft is in a premium beta right now, so access is limited, but if you don’t fancy paying the $25 to join (and I can’t say I do), know that the final product will be free. Meanwhile, you can check out the Ghostcraft website for more information. Here’s a video of just how nervous and excited it makes its players.