Museum of London decides to burn down London again – in Minecraft

Minecraft Great Fire 1666

Everything from Boris Johnson to Phil’s favourite log flume TNT-finalé has been made in Minecraft. Now the Museum of London have recreated 1666 London in it – fairly normal – with the intention of them burning it the hell down – hang on. They’ve already finished the first version and hope to have it all in ashes by September.

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“To mark the 350th anniversary of the most devastating fire in the city’s history, the Museum of London has created Great Fire 1666, an exciting virtual experience in the Minecraft computer game,” says the museum. “Great Fire 1666 features a new set of Minecraft maps which will offer a unique and immersive perspective on the Great Fire of London.”

They plan to make three maps in total, the first of which is already available. That’s pre-fire, when everything was okay, and you can grab it via Dropbox if you want. The next two will be while it’s burning and then one post-fire, the initial work of which you can see in this video:

The team behind the constructions is BlockWorks, a group of “architects, artists and designers” who focus on work within Minecraft. They’ll be doing much more than just recreating environments, letting you discover how the tragedy happened and help to fight it yourself, then trying to rebuild in the final installment.

Quite an excellent idea. More info over on the official site.