Minecraft snapshot 13w22a no longer treats horses as second class citizens


There’s a hay-bale full of bug fixes in todays Minecraft snapshot, and if you’re a lover of horses you will be pleased to hear that those pesky glitches that affect your neighing friends are being ironed out. No longer will the hooved citizens of Minecraft attempt to climb ladders, eat blocks that are not grass, nor break their leads. I think we can all agree that this will be a better world for everyone, equine-minded or not.

Snapshot 13w22a fixes seventeen bugs overall, and whilst not all are focussed on creatures of a showjumping nature, the ones you are probably interested in certainly are. Be safe in the knowledge that your Minecraft horse speed will now remain constant, and that you’ll now be able to move horses that you’ve previously ridden after reloading your world, rather than them being rooted to the spot. Enhancements will now stay in horse armour even when dropped, and your steed will still run fast when you’re in creative mode.

If your voice has been going hoarse shouting out for fixes for thoroughbreds, you need only download the new launcher. It’s available, along with a full list of fixes, from the Mojang website.