Minecraft’s next mob could be the Iceologer, but only if you vote for it

But it could also be the Moobloom or the Glow Squid

One of Minecraft's Iceologers

Minecraft is getting a new mob soon, and you can have a say on which one it ends up being. Mojang has revealed on its website that they’re opening up a public vote during Minecraft Live on October 3 to determine which one it’ll be. You have the choice between Minecraft Dungeons’ Iceologer, Minecraft Earth’s Moobloom, or Glow Squid.

If you vote in the Iceologer, they’ll take up residence on the new mountain tops that tower over the Overworld. If you stumble across their path, they’ll lob “flying ice clouds” at you. So, eh, they certainly seem to be the hostile option. The humble Moobloom is notably more peaceful. They will have the ability to interact with bees, and make the Flower Forest biome all the more floral.

Finally, we have the Glow Squid. It’s another peaceful option that’ll add some atmosphere to Minecraft’s waters as they’ll light it up with their luminous bodies. They act a lot like normal squids, so they won’t attack you. They’ll just be, er, shiner. Sounds like an option if you enjoy the tranquil side of Mojang’s building game.

Once you’ve made up your mind, you can head on over to the Minecraft stream October 3 at 12:00 EST/ 17:00 BST/ 09:00 PST. A Twitter poll should pop up closer to the time, so that’s where you’ll cast your vote.

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