Minecraft interface survey suggests future changes to the UI

This Minecraft interface survey is your chance to let Mojang know what you think about the way you interact with this sandbox game

The Minecraft interface is, most likely, not something you really think about. Oftentimes with games, especially ones that have been around as long as this primo sandbox game, people just accept that a user interface is how it is, but that could all be changing soon.

A lot of Minecraft players probably think the interface is quite good because they’re already learned it. If you know what you’re doing, most menus are easy to work within, but that doesn’t mean that new players – which Minecraft still regularly picks up – are going to feel the same way. No matter how you feel about it all, though, you can now let Mojang know.

A Minecraft interface survey is out. This image shows the Minecraft inventory as is.

That’s because the Minecraft Twitter account put out a survey request, which ends on September 8th, and the survey is all about the user interface. A few things are worth noting: you have to be at least 18 years old to take part in the survey, you can’t redo answers (so make sure you read the questions), and mobile users might have a hard time with things.

The survey also requires you to play the Bedrock version of the game. It seems highly unlikely that the different versions of Minecraft would ever move too far apart when it comes to the UI, but we could be wrong. If you’ve read all of this and are now ready to do your duty to Minecraft and answer some questions, you can go ahead and complete the survey if you want to.

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