You can’t go to MineCon this year


This year, Mojang are forgoing the traditional MineCon venue and are instead opting for a livestreamed show. That means you’ll need to cosplay at home and just pretend all your favourite YouTubers are around, perhaps by screaming indistinctly into the void. 

Load up a biome from our list of the best Minecraft seeds and make your own MineCon.

MineCon Earth is the name of the new 90-minute presentation. It will be streamed to millions of fans around the world on November 18, at 05:00 GMT.

Mojang plan to make it up to those hoping for a physical show by hosting more community events and setting up special screenings.

“Unlike previous MineCons, these local gatherings will be hosted by community-led partners such as Minefaire, Minevention and Blockfest (a brand new event by the nice folks at Multiplay,” Mojang explain in an announcement.

“These partners (along with many more to come) have gained our official stamp of approval to throw authentic in-person Minecraft experiences.”

These events will be where all your Stampy Cats and your DanTDMs will be hiding out, no doubt. Dates and venues for these are yet to be announced, however.

Check out the announcement trailer above.