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Minecraft 1.4: The Pretty Scary Update is out today; better mob AI, zombie infections and rideable pigs


The Pretty Scary Update we’ve been keeping a wary, roving eye on for some time is actually more of a Pretty/Scary update, it transpires. It’s out today, and its features are an even split of decorative niceness and horrible new mobs – but the scary wins out thanks to improved monster AI that will see you slain by your own sword.

Pretty first, though! Think pretty thoughts. Think beacons – beams of light which can be used to liberally apply dramatic lighting to your buildings. Think potatoes, carrots and pumpkin pies, and flower pots to line your windows.

Think anvils to repair and upgrade your weapons and equipment. And, of course, think of the undiluted delight that can only come with riding a pig to work.

Now stop thinking. Start panicking. Quake in anticipation of the new wither boss, pictured, and accompanying wither skeletons. Shiver before the bats and witches, who will chirp and throw potions at you respectively.

Worst though is zombie infection, which will see villagers return as big-nosed undead of both adult and child varieties and wander your procedurally-generated earth. And then there’s the new AI.

“They now carry equipment,” writes Jeb. “There’s nothing like getting slashed with a sword you dropped the last time you died…”

Will you be logging in today to brave the new additions?