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Minecraft Blocks vs Zombies minigame is an ace remix of the Plants vs Zombies formula


If the wait for Plants vs Zombies 2 is getting you down then you may want to try out the equally colourful Blocks vs Zombies minigame which SethBling’s made for Minecraft.

Though, while comparing the two gets across something of the survival against waves and waves of advancing zombies, SethBling’s got a lot going on in his map which PopCap are lacking.

As a thank you for reaching 1 million Youtube subscribers SethBling released his co-op minigame on Sunday. Here’s an overview of how it works:

You and a few friends hold the endpoint of a trench that, as the game continues, fills with zombies. Using bows, at first, you must do your best to thin out the numbers, with gold be awarded for kill streaks, which can only be achieved by working in a team. Then, as the gold and number of zombies mounts up, you can invest in upgraded weapons, block barriers to delay the zombies, and traps to take the undead out more efficiently.

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All features considered, it’s a neat blend of Plants vs Zombies, Orcs Must Die, and Killing Floor; taking the stronghold mentality of the first, the traps of the second, and the upgrade system of the third.

The map’s a really canny creation with a lot of interesting systems at play. For a start, controlling everything from the player end of the trench, you have a shop, barrier spawn system, and arrow tower system. But there’s also the core mechanics of how to lose the game, when a zombie reaches your end of the trench you don’t lose automatically, a second zombie has to push the first into the lava; giving you a brief window in which to kill the first zombie and not lose the game.

You can download the map from over here and try it out for yourself.