The 1666 Great Fire is coming to Minecraft thanks to the Museum of London

Great Fire

A bunch of Minecraft builders are teaming up with the Museum of London to recreate London as it was in 1666, before burning it all down. It sounds pointless, but it’s actually being made to teach kids history in a fun, engaging way. Yay, videogames.

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The Great Fire 1666 exhibition, as it’s called, is planned to be released online and players will be able to”walk down the streets of London, interact with the very people of 1666, combat the flames, and rebuild their own vision of the capital”.

It sounds mega ambitious, but it’s for an incredible cause, so it’ll be worth all the hard work.

It will release in three phases, the first of which will allow you to explore London as it was before the fire. Like a real museum, there will be audio clips peppered around, letting you listen to information on the districts and historical facts explaining how the layout allowed the fires to spread.

The second stage, released in September, will have you tackling the fire and meeting famous figures of the time. It’s like Assassin’s Creed Syndicate for pacifists.

The last stage charts the rebuild of the city, so you’ll see London with the fire damage and return it to glory. It sounds great.

Thanks, Kotaku.