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Minecraft has passed 11 million sales on PC, Mac and Linux


So we’d better mention this. Popular computer game Minecraft: What’s Craft is Mine has sold 11 million copies to date. In fact, I tell a lie – that happened yesterday morning. Since then, it’s sold another 20,000.

Notch met the unfathomable milestone yesterday with characteristic offhandedness.

He tweeted: “Minecraft has now sold 11 million copies on PC/Mac/Linux! That’s more than the number of atoms in the observable universe!”

And then: “My team of scientists are informing me that my last tweet is wrong by a factor of 10^73.”

Yeah, thought so.

A little perspective: Minecraft on PC and PC derivatives alone has now sold more than Black Ops 2 has on the PS3. It’s narrowly edged out the original Gran Turismo, and at this rate is set to topple The Sims, which sold 11.23m copies globally.

It’s done really very well, wouldn’t you say? And still in active development, of course.