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Minecraft Los Santos is the GTA 5 you’ve always wanted, secretly

Minecraft GTA 5

Well, it was only a matter of time really, wasn’t it? An intrepid band of constructors are building the city of Los Santos, main setting of GTA V and San Andreas, within Minecraft. It’s been in progress for some time, the project having kicked off in January of 2015, and they recently released a cinematic video showing off what they have so far. You can even explore it for yourself if you pop the right server address in.

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It’s still under construction, but what they have so far is fantastic:

There’s a whole squad working away at it, but YouTuber N11ck is the one providing videos. He made the cinematic above and asked if people would like to see more back in December. Since then they’ve finished some more areas, but N11ck has been too busy with exams to make videos about it until recently. Here’s the latest, showing off the new improvements from just yesterday:

As detailed in that video, if you want to take a look yourself – no editing, for obvious reasons – you just have to connect to the ‘IP’ N11ck.net from inside the game. They still have the entire eastern and western sections of the city to go, so you can watch it progress over time. That is if they manage to finish it at all, given they’ve already been going a year.

Once it’s finished in promised 1:1 scale, it will be roughly 56 million blocks, or 7500 by 7500. From the descriptions, that doesn’t count any of the buildingup they have to do, so it’s probably more like double that. Goodness. Hopefully they’re all planning to be architects.

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