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Charity Minecraft marathon LoveTropics is raising money for DirectRelief


A group of Minecraft developers and streamers have organised a series of events to raise money for disaster relief. LoveTropics’ first event will raise money to assist with relief efforts in Puerto Rico following this summer’s hurricanes.

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LoveTropics is a weekend-long livestream marathon featuring a collection of Mojang developers, as well as Minecraft streamers, YouTubers and modders. Donors will be able to play alongside the streamers on a private server. The effort was inspired by Tropicraft, a topical Minecraft mod itself inspired by a trip its creators took to Puerto Rico in 2011.

Charity efforts will be donated to DirectRelief, who have been working on relief efforts throughout Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria landed in September. LoveTropics is hoping to raise $3,000 over the weekend of November 10-12. So far, two of the creators of Tropicraft, as well as streamers Darkosto and Wyld, and four Mojang developers, will be featuring over the weekend. LoveTropics’ stream will kick off at 20:00 GMT on Friday, November 10.