Minecraft Mayor of London reveals new British games initiative with £1.2 million investment


Minecraft Boris Johnson, the natural evolution of Minecraft Lego, today hosted the announcement of a new three-year plan to run various games events in London and support the UK gaming industry. With a little help from Gamer Network, Ukie and others, they plan to bring the UK’s gaming sector up to par with other areas of the arts.

Well, that confirms it, there is a Minecraft skin for everything.

You can see the video of this historic day in cube-human cross-politics below.

Boris does have a lovely voice.

The Games London week is essentially a group of four events. They are:

  • Now Play This, an event at Somerset House that has a number of games on site along with various talks.
  • Games Finance Market, specifically aimed at connecting those who want to fund games with the people that make them. It’s based on a formula that’s worked in film.
  • The BAFTA Game Awards, one of the best awards shows games gets.
  • Rezzed, Gamer Network’s PC-focused, indie-centric trade show.

It runs 1st-10th of April this year. The plan is to have one annually, but the first three will determine how that goes. There’s also loads of smaller events happening across London at the time, and obviously they’re hoping the economic impact wil be far reaching. Describing London as the “global capital of finance” strikes me as a stretch, but it would be good to have a few more top-tier studios in my homeland. Just so the press trips take less time and involve less US border control, if nothing else. Plenty more info on the official site.