Minecraft on Windows 10 is getting Oculus Rift support


At the Oculus Connect 2's opening talks, Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey revealed that Minecraft Windows 10 Edition will be available on the Rift in spring 2016.

Currently, the Windows 10 Edition is missing some of the features of the main version of the game - it is a port of the mobile version after all - but Microsoft are aiming for parity at some point in the future. 

If you already have the Windows 10 edition, you might have realised regular seeds no longer work. Luckily, we've put together a list of some of the best from the Pocket Edition. You can also play it together with you Pocket Edition-owning friends. 

Cheers, PCGamer

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Realo Foxtrot: Kitten avatarKirk McKeand avatar
Realo Foxtrot: Kitten Avatar

Uhm.... Oculus Rift doesn't work on Windows 10 at the moment by default... at least the DK2 doesn't

Kirk McKeand Avatar
1 Year ago

Presumably it will by spring 2016.

Realo Foxtrot: Kitten Avatar

Doesn't really help people who want to create Oculus Games now (aka me) .... either have to work out what the heck this fix actually means, or revert to Win8