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Minecraft to receive three new Feed the Beast mod packs catering to all tastes


Feed the Beast’s SlowPoke has revealed three new mod packs the team have been working on. The collections – Unleashed, Unhinged, and Direwolf 20 – have been curated to tweak and alter Minecraft in a particular slant. Unhinged, for instance, is for masochist players who want as hard a Minecraft experience that can be had this side of Hell.

The packs come in three flavours:

Unleashed is to be Feed the Beast’s new all-purpose collection, adding popular mods like IndustrialCraft to deepen and expand the game’s experience without fiddling with the core difficulty. You can see the list of contents here.

Unhinged, curated with input from GregT, designer of the GregTech mod, is a collection that aims to make Minecraft as hard as it can be. Expect fewer resources, more demanding recipes, and more brutal enemies. Here are its contents.

It should be said that recently GregT was discovered to have included malicious code in his GregTech mod. The code would crash the game if it detected other mods were attempting to undo the changes his mod made to Minecraft.

Direwolf 20 is a collection created by Feed the Beast user of the same name. Her/his collection doesn’t have a particular bent like Unhinged but it’s a collection that s/he’s put together after much experiementation on Feed the Beast’s testing ground, the Forgecraft server. Here are those lovely contents.

All the mods are made to be compatible with Minecraft 1.5.2. The’re no word of a release date but the packs will be rolling out soon.