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Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics Pack adds 4K textures and lovely lighting

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Update June 15, 2017: For a better look at the Super Duper Graphics Pack, Team Mojang have uploaded a short conversation about the DLC onto YouTube. 

You can check out the video here. While it's focused on Xbox One X (which they keep referring to as Scorpio, despite, y'know, the console having an official name now), there's a lot of new footage to show off what the pack can do. They also go into a little more detail on their usage of specular maps, parallax occlusion mapping, and 3D geometry.

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Original story, June 11, 2017: Minecraft is getting a big update thanks to the newly unveiled Xbox One X. The new pack bathes Minecraft in a gorgeous glow all in order to celebrate the upcoming release of Microsoft's 4K-capable console.

The Super Duper Graphics Pack, as it’s called, adds better lighting, 4K textures, HDR capability, and more. 

There’s not much more info about it at the moment, but we do know it’s coming this autumn. For now, you’ll have to just watch the lovely new trailer above. 

You have to admit that it does look glorious. It’s amazing how much the improved lighting and sharper textures actually make a difference. 

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JMiles2 avatar★Mr.Dave★ avatarCaptainMurica avatar
JMiles2 Avatar
1 Year ago

No thanks, it's probably going to force me to install Windows 10, which I refuse.

★Mr.Dave★ Avatar
1 Year ago

Did you read properly what it was saying?? Like UNIFIING Minecraft? That means you can play minecraft on W7 or 8 with someone on W10, W10Edition, android, ios, etc..

CaptainMurica Avatar
9 Months ago

The Bedrock codebase versions are unified. Java Edition remains standalone.