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Minecraft snapshot 17w06a gives first glimpse at 1.12 update

Minecraft update 1.12

Being the biggest game in the world means you never stop growing, like a completely out of control katamari. Such it is that Minecraft 1.12 has begun development, with snapshot 17w06a available to the public and thoroughly analysed for new bits and blocks. Here’s the basics.

For the live game, here are the best Minecraft seeds available.

Most of note are these blocks being added:

  • Concrete
  • Concrete Powder
    • Effected by gravity.
    • Creates Concrete when it touches water.
    • Created by mixing Sand, Gravel and any dye.
  • Glazed Terracotta
    • Created by smelting colour clay.
    • Can create patterns by being placed in certain ways.

Wool and Banner blocks got new textures, while various bug fixes and quality of life changes were applied, as laid out on the wiki. The change to Wool also effected Sheep. Naturally.

The only wider-scope change is the addition of savable toolbars in creative mode, letting you more easily make that giant statue of Mega Man, or whatever it is you get up to in there. Unsurprisingly, you can have nine of them as they use the number keys for loading and saving - ctrl+# and shift+# respectively.

Some more deets over on the official wiki. Goodness knows when it could release, but there’s usually a few of these before it all goes live and Mojang have been working out the deets on 1.12 since late last year.

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cpt.fantastic avatarjamesjpk avatarNimeton2002 avatar
jamesjpk Avatar
1 Year ago

I think that they could go a little faster, but with too fast of a development speed, I think that the online community wouldn't be able to keep up.

cpt.fantastic Avatar
1 Year ago

Is it just me or are they very, very slow at this? I don't know much about coding but I could argue that couple modders could do this way faster. As a building game it's undefeated but as a survival game it's like early access title with most of the fun stuff still missing.

Nimeton2002 Avatar
1 Year ago

look at Minecraft wiki on page "mojang" there's pictures how work there

Modders are REALLY doing something so of course it is faster