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This Minecraft mod lets you ride bees


Minecraft has bees now, and these living biological attractions are so astounding that they’ve captured the imagination of the entire planet. We’ve already got Bee Movie and Adventure Time mods, but somehow hours passed before we could attach saddles to bees and ride them around. Luckily, this dark period has come to a close.

A new mod, courtesy of SethBling, lets you drop a saddle on those abnormally large bees and take to the skies on your insect companion. A flower-on-a-stick item will let you lead the bee around, and once you’re mounted, it’ll follow whichever direction you’re pointing. It’s all very slow and bumbly, but you can right-click to dash.

The mod itself is actually a pretty simple trick, since it makes an invisible pig spawn and remain centered on the bee as long as you’re looking on it. The saddle is technically attached to that invisible pig, which just follows along wherever the bee goes. So I guess this is actually a flying pig mod, too.

You can grab the datapack here.

Check out SethBling’s video (via PC Gamer on Twitter) above for more detail.

Minecraft’s bees are already an absolute delight. Let no harm ever come to these previous buzz friends.